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If your body needs relaxation and comfort, please visit us for the highest level of massage services in Business Bay, Dubai. Avatar Relaxing Spa is one of the best massage centers in Business Bay, Dubai. Our goal is to take care of your health and strive to feel the best and provide world-class services to all our customers. We welcome you and encourage you to visit Avatar Relaxing Spa. We’ll meet all your needs and relieve the pain in your body with the best professional therapist in Dubai. You can either WhatsApp us or call us to book your appointment and we are at your service all the time.

Avatar Relaxing Spa Allow Your Body, Mind And Soul Sense A Haven Ff Tranquility


Treat yourself to most relaxing hour of your life!


Your athletic spa experience and recovery.

Salt & Aroma

The salt contains the essential oil of juniper fruits.

About Us

Our visitors can get the best men’s massage and the best women’s massage with massage and spa services that maintain a healthy body and muscle elasticity at Avatar Relaxing Spa in Business Bay, Dubai. We, the best massage center near Business Bay provide its visitors with high-quality and skilled palpation massages that help to release the burden of everyday life and keep you energized for a new day.

Avatar Relaxing Spa

Our Spa’s Services


Aromatic Hot Oil Massage

💆🏼 45 Minutes  220.00AED
💆🏼 60 Minutes  250.00AED
💆🏼 90 Minutes 375.00AED
💆🏼 120 Minutes 500.00AED

Deep Tissue Massage

💆🏼 45 Minutes  250.00AED
💆🏼 60 Minutes  300.00AED
💆🏼 90 Minutes  450.00AED
💆🏼 120 Minutes  600.00AED

Thai Massage

💆🏼 45 Minutes  180.00AED
💆🏼 60 Minutes  200.00AED
💆🏼 90 Minutes  300.00AED
💆🏼 120 Minutes  400.00AED

Our Spa’s Services


Swedish Massage

💆🏼 45 Minutes 180.00AED
💆🏼 60 Minutes 200.00AED
💆🏼 90 Minutes 300.00AED
💆🏼 120 Minutes 400.00AED

Hot Stone Massage

💆🏼 45 Minutes  250.00AED
💆🏼 60 Minutes  300.00AED
💆🏼 90 Minutes 450.00AED
💆🏼 120 Minutes 600.00AED

Four Hand Massage

💆🏼 45 Minutes  280.00AED
💆🏼 60 Minutes  400.00AED
💆🏼 90 Minutes  600.00AED
💆🏼 120 Minutes 800.00AED
Avatar Relaxing

Our Spa’s Services


Massage + Jacuzzi Bath

💆🏼 45 Minutes  249.00AED
💆🏼 60 Minutes  300.00AED
💆🏼 90 Minutes  349.00AED
💆🏼 120 Minutes  449.00AED

Moroccan Bath

💆🏼 Normal Moroccan Bath  249.00AED
💆🏼 Royal Moroccan Bath  299.00AED
💆🏼 Royal Turkish Bath  199.00AED

Jacuzzi Bath Massage

💆🏼 60 Minutes  350.00AED
💆🏼 90 Minutes  449.00AED
💆🏼 120 Minutes  590.00AED

Massage & Spa Treatment of Avatar Relaxing Spa in Business Bay, Dubai

Discover ultimate tranquility at Cozy Bay Massage & Spa, where we offer an array of nourishing treatments to our pristine clients across Dubai. Our therapists are highly trained that will help you unwind and feel radiant.

Why Chose Use

If you are looking for a place to relax, rejuvenate and pamper yourself, look no further than our spa. We offer a variety of spa services that will benefit your health and well-being in many ways. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose our spa services:

Professional Massage Services

Our therapists from Russia and Europe are very professional and understand what the client needs.

Exclusive Selection

Currently, customers can make their choice from ten distinct spa and massage services that we offer. Irrespective of your choice, we guarantee a truly exquisite experience.

Serene Ambience

Our massage center has been designed to spoil you from the moment you step inside. From changing rooms to heated massage beds, our massage center has been designed to give-off an out of the world appearance.

Specialized Therapists

Each member of our team has been recruitment through a vigorous training program to ensure its quality. Our team is composed only of European therapists.

We saw their Instagram Page and I talk with them to visit Avatar Relaxing Spa with my Friends: we try Thai massage for me - Aromatherapy massage -Jacuzzi to Detoxifying - Invigorating and Scalp massage for my friends.
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